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Founded in 1978, Asset Protection Associates, Inc. (APA) is one of the oldest investigative companies in North Carolina. We specialize in solving the multitude of security and business abuse issues confronting corporations and institutions today.

Investigative Services

What have we investigated? You name it; APA has done it. One of the largest software thefts in North Carolina, employee dishonesty, thefts and embezzlements, business abuse issues, conflicts of interest, and the list goes on.

Pre-Employment Screening

Asset Protection Associates, Inc. was conducting background checks years before it was called pre-employment screening. Let our years of experience speak for itself!

Good Security Prevents Problems and Losses

Asset Protection Associates, Inc. (APA), one of North Carolina’s oldest investigative companies, was founded in 1978 to specialize in solving the multitude of security and business abuse issues confronting corporations and institutions. Consulting services quickly led to business related investigations such as theft, fraud, and embezzlement, to name a few. After resolving the detected problems, clients requested APA provide seminars and workshops to train managers and supervisors as to their duties and responsibilities. Pre-employment screening and background investigations were subsequently instituted to assist companies in the hiring process to help prevent the problem before it started.

Consulting Services

APA functions with most clients in much the same manner as larger firms' corporate security departments. Clients have found it more cost efficient to call upon APA to deal with the occasional serious security problem. Clients get the benefit of calling upon APA for experienced, professional security consulting advice and assistance, which would otherwise require the expense of staffing a full-time corporate security department.

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Investigative Services

APA's specialty is in preventing and investigating business abuse - illegal, dishonest or irresponsible acts - which result in financial loss to a client or which may result in harm to employees, customers or to a client's reputation. APA assists client management in establishing programs that clearly define the expectations of the employer while ensuring accountability, efficiency, and fairness.

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Pre-Employment Screening

APA has been conducting pre-employment screening and background investigations for over 30 years. Now, more than ever, it is vital that companies be diligent in their selection of a pre-employment screening company. Just as one interviews an applicant and asks questions to learn more about the individual, it is just as important to ask questions to assist in choosing a pre-employment screening company.

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Due Diligence

Understanding the need of clients to know as much as possible about individuals or principals who own companies they are considering purchasing, merging with, or acquiring, APA is skilled at conducting due diligence investigations to provide as much information as possible to make that decision. This service is also available on the company itself, public or private.

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